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The Take Back Your Life! course supports you in learning sustainable models, behaviors, and technical skills for getting the right things done. You will learn essential skills for building a high-quality to-do list, managing projects, actions, and reference, more effective communication, and thinking more strategically. The result is greater alignment and focus working on the most important things and letting the rest go—all while maintaining work/life balance. 

The setup we suggest can be done in any tool you choose, as the concepts are universally applicable. If you use Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Web, or G Suite, we will include technical instructions to get you up and running.

The course includes a combination of reading, watching videos, and doing hands-on exercises. At the end of each Lesson, you will complete a Knowledge Check and will need to score 80% or greater to move on to the next Lesson.

The course will take approximately two hours to complete. Start and stop as you like and your progress will be saved.

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