Creating Sustainable Change

If you’ve ever tried to make positive changes toward improving your productivity, there’s a good chance you bumped up against your unconscious limiting beliefs and found making the changes hard.

For example, you want to create better work/life balance and not stay connected to work email on weekends. In this situation, you want a different result (not checking work email on your personal time) but you can’t seem to create result, why?

Our results are driven by our habits and our habits are formed by our beliefs.

If you want to change your results, you need to look at the habits you’ve engrained and the beliefs that have helped form those habits.

Is checking work email on weekends inherently a ‘bad’ thing? No, not at all–unless that’s not the result you want. It’s very likely that the habit of checking email on weekends got started by a temporary need that bled into becoming a recurring habit. And how did that happen get formed? A belief. Somewhere along the way you formed a habit that said something like, “I need to check to make sure I don’t miss anything.” You likely got some surge of feeling in control by doing that and you found yourself doing it consistently versus temporarily.

Our beliefs can work for us or against us. We call the ones that can work against us our “limiting beliefs.” Those that are supportive and working for us are our “positive beliefs.” You may not even realize you have limiting beliefs until you become consciously aware of them.

One limiting belief we will work with throughout this course is a common one for many people:

I have to get it all done

What’s the reality in that belief? You will always have more to do than you can do. So, how can you let go of this limiting belief and have a more supportive focus? Simply shift the limiting belief to a positive one:

I focus on the right things and let the rest go