McGhee Learning Center Pass: Teams/Outlook/OneNote Packs

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About this Pack:

This package includes a collection of short videos to use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft OneNote more productively.

Lessons Included:


Turning Off Outlook Email Notifications – Desktop
Turning Off Outlook Email Notifications – Web
The Action Hierarchy Model
Setting Up Views in Outlook Tasks
Creating Task Folders in Outlook
Populating your Key Lists in Outlook
The Workflow Decision Model
Using Supporting Project Tasks
Using the Microsoft To-Do Application
Using Right-Click and Drag to Create a Task from Email
Activating the Daily Task List in the Calendar View
Activating the Outlook To-Do Bar in the Calendar View
Opening Outlook in the Calendar View
Prioritizing by Time, Strategy, and Balance
Setting Up the Priority Calendar


Tour of essential features and functions
Ways to use Teams
Understanding Basic Navigation
Setting Your Status message
Setting up basic views for focus
Using Notification settings to manage input
The Activity Feed for collecting and tracking actions
Using the Command Bar for quick actions
Using the Teams mobile app
Tactics for managing posts and discussions
Bookmarking posts and using Save this Message
Delegate action using @mention, action, and due date
The Teams tab
Creating Team sites and Channels
Teams Sites for effective meetings
Managing 1:1 meetings using Teams
Recurring meetings using Teams
Create sites to support projects and workflow
Strategies for gathering project support
Integrating OneNote


Ways to Use OneNote
Overview of OneNote Features
Popular Strategies for Creating Notebooks
Creating a OneNote Notebook
Creating OneNote Infrastructure
Collecting in OneNote
Effective Search Methods
Insert Date and Time
Email the Page and Create Meeting Notes
Inserting Files and Screen Clips
Linking Actions from OneNote to Outlook
Creating Section Groups
How to Dock OneNote to your Desktop
Integrating OneNote with Microsoft Teams
Using the OneNote Mobile Application
Using Tags to Categorize Information
Using Page Templates
The OneNote Web Application
Sharing Your Notebook
Printing Documents to OneNote
Password Protect Your Sections
Organizing Your Projects
Inserting Printouts on Multiple Pages
Organizing Your OneNote Pages
Inserting Outlook Email
Creating Hyperlinks Between Pages

Other Resources:

Resource Library with articles, handouts, and whitepapers
Discussion Forums to ask questions and interact with other learners


Engaging videos ranging from one to 10 minutes
90 days of unlimited access on

Technical Requirements:

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge


If you are only interested in these lessons, this is the package for you. If you want access to more courses in our online learning center, we recommend the Grad Access Pass which includes all of the content in these Packs and many more courses for one full year.