On-Demand Course: Take Back Your Life!®

$ 179.00

About the Course:

The pace of work and life today is exponentially greater than what previous generations dealt with. Emails flood in constantly, back-to-back meetings fill calendars, and projects have multiplied to stay competitive and relevant. People are working longer hours and are more overwhelmed than ever just to keep up.

The Take Back Your Life! approach is a calm amidst the storm in a world of too much to do. This self-paced on-demand course doesn’t teach you how to get it all done—it teaches you how to get the right things done—all while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

You will learn new approaches to performance productivity and do exercises to apply set up a foundational system in Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

34% of graduates of this course experienced an increase in their ability to better foster work-life balance and 63% measured a decrease in the amount of emails stored within their inbox.

Topics Covered:

What is Productivity?
Key Concepts and Methodology
Productivity Mindsets
Clearing Your Mind
Meaningful Objectives and Projects
Organizing Actions / Setting up Outlook
Processing and Organizing
Managing Email
Prioritizing and Planning
The Weekly Review


Four hours of self-paced lessons on www.mchgeepro.academy
Engaging blend of facilitator videos and reading
Helpful resources, including Outlook setup instructions
Knowledge checks after each lesson
Final exam
Completion certificate
90-days of unlimited access to the course

Technical Requirements:

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser
Microsoft Outlook for Windows


This product includes the Take Back Your Life! on-demand course only. We recommend the All Access Pass for the full experience of our productivity solutions, which includes this course, plus all one-hour lessons and productivity packs for one full year for only $20 more.