Habit Building Series – Take Back Your Life!

This series is designed to support you in building sustainable habits after completing the Take Back Your Life! course. Each lesson covers a key concept from the course that we consider key to making this a lifelong practice. Think of this like picking up a new sport–such as running. You’ll want to make incremental changes to build your muscles.

We recommend completing the series over a few weeks, to give you time to integrate the learnings and ground your new habits.

Click on a Habit to get started:

Habit One: Managing Your Priority Calendar
Habit Two: Getting Your Inbox to Zero
Habit Three: Minimizing Interruptions
Habit Four: Weekly Prioritizing and Planning
Habit Five: Clearing Your Mind
Habit Six: Making Lasting Changes

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Note: We offer two versions of this Series. The Series that is open to the public starts here. The version for our Learning Center subscribers is accessed through My Dashboard and will track your progress as you complete each Habit.

Questions? Reach out to us at productivity@mcgheepro.com